Amongst the few master plans, PROCHESTA aims at establishing few model schools and colleges at different strategic locations of the sub-district, district and country in phases. These schools and colleges will provide exemplary quality education using modern state-of-the art technologies and facilities. The curriculum should be most up-to-date and comprehensive taking into account the mundane, moral, spiritual and physical aspects of education to develop material human beings who can be examples as agents of positive changes in the society. While this requires a massive planning over long span of time and huge resources, PROCHESTA has initially established a small school with its limited resources and capacity.

School classroom. Started with tiny small rooms but has high hope to grow in all dimensions.

Students, teachers and guardians meet & exchange views at the school.

A student reciting verses of the Qur’an at the annual cultural program.

National anthem chanted in melodious unison at the school.

Students in parade showing their martial arts skill at the annual cultural program.

Students performing a stage drama during the annual cultural program.

PROCHESTA has already spent about $ 100,000/- for the school’s building and infrastructure when it requires a million dollar investment for a single school like this in response to the increasing demand.