No dream may come true, no expectation may be materialized, no goal may deliver positive results without facing challenges. PROCHESTA has identified some grass-root level causes of human suffering as inevitable challenges to its integrated development goals and aspirations that must be addressed. Some of the multi-faceted causes of human suffering as pictured below can symbolize the challenges that we need to address in a holistic way.

This born disabled baby of an extremely poor illiterate family will become a big burden on the family & whole society for the rest of his life, unless a normal life is given to him through appropriate treatment and care in time.

This old blind man has never seen the beauties around him although he is full of superb talents, e.g. photographic memory that many others do not possess. However, his blindness has led him to a life-long humiliating profession of beggary in the absence of adequate opportunities and resources to utilize his talents.

They deserve the dresses and the place they are in now, but those are far beyond their reach. Married in early teenage, the girl has now 3 kids and her own fragile health to look after for the rest of her life as her young husband passed away leaving her as a helpless widow and the children as orphans with gloomy future.

Dressed with cloths and living in a tiny house donated to him, this old man is weakened by mighty poverty who has no support or means of livelihood and is waiting for the last call.

This hunger stricken widow does not know what she will eat in the next. She cannot even go for begging due to her deteriorating health condition.

An illiterate housewife of an extremely poor family has given birth to many children who all are grown up, married and living with their own families and children now; all remaining illiterate and living under hardcore poverty.

Young boy flanked with his mother lives in the house in the background. He was a brilliant student but dropped out of school after his father died. He is fighting poverty to survive with fragile health caused by malnutrition and diseases! Don’t we have any duty to him?

This girl should be now at school. But she has the same fate like her neighboring boy. She works hard and is now taking a breathtaking look at the path across her home that takes other children of her age to school. Why this ever known  path to the school is so cruel to her???

When we live with all luxuries, affluences and amenities of life, this is the living condition of many people born as human beings as we are!!!