In addition to the above, as part of its ongoing efforts in the advancement of education, PROCHESTA is running scholarships, stipends and financial support programs for brilliant but poor students who would be otherwise deprived of education as a result of forced child labor due to poverty.

An orphan with no support for a decent life. PROCHESTA is taking full care of many boys including this orphan. He walked to this primary school with no proper building that is closest to, yet 3 miles away from, his home. Now the bi-cycle provided by PROCHESTA has shortened his way to the school.

When hunger-free survival is the biggest question of life, education was far beyond her imagination. PROCHESTA has become a guardian of many girls including this girl who has been able to attend school which has given her big hope for a better life.

An estimated amount of $ 30,000/- annually may allow PROCHESTA to launch a massive educational support program that may benefit hundreds of poor students who can later emerge as educated material human beings and contribute significantly to the integrated social development.