Since Bangladesh is an agro-based economy and many of the country’s poor population who live in rural areas are involved in agro-fisheries and cattle farming occupation, many of the PROCHESTA schemes are targeted at building the poor’s capacity and improving productivity in the broader agriculture sector. Building capacity in this sector will help improve their livelihood and quality of life. PROCHESTA believes that this will increase their income, provide them basic services and create better opportunities for their economic growth.

Landless Sirajul Islam, a poor farmer, can work for other farmers in farming and earn his family’s bread and butter but has no means except his physical strength. PROCHESTA has provided him two cows to give him capacity whereby he can now plough others’ land and earn money to support his family. PROCHESTA has supported many other families like Sirajul Islam in the same way.

While the illiterate husband’s scanty income is not enough for the big family, the housewife has been provided with a small cow to raise and earn some extra money to support the family. This also aims at building her capacity and entrepreneurship to make her family self-reliant and enhance standard of living. Same support has been extended to some other housewives.

This young man, the only bread-earner of a poor family, had no job, no means of livelihood. Family members, including children, starved without food. He is now running a small tea-stall and grocery store with PROCHESTA’s help. The family has now a better happy life. PROCHESTA has supported few other families in the same way.

PROCHESTA believes that an estimated amount of $ 1500/- can help a family in Bangladesh fight poverty and run a decent life with some basic necessities of life met.